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5 Yoga Neck Stretches

5 Yoga Neck Stretches

Neck pain can be treated and prevented with yoga neck stretches. Use this video to help you relieve pain in just 5 minutes. 

Are you suffering with neck pain? Is it a constant pain that you just live with now? Well, I’m here to help you relieve that pain and end your suffering!

Yoga stretches work. Maybe you’ve been in a car accident, or woke up with a tight neck, or spent too many hours hunched over on the computer – leaving you with horrible and aggravating neck pain. At first you may feel like the pain is irreversible, but it’s not the case. Yoga neck stretches will help you reverse the pain caused by tightness. It will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and recharged. 

Practice tips:

  1. Sync your breath with your movement. The breath will help you expel the pain, and create space in your body. Rewire yourself to focus on your breath when the stretches begin to feel uncomfortable. 
  2. Use these stretches as a tool to help your body. The control is in your hands to make yourself feel better. These poses and stretches only have power to heal if you let them, and use them everyday.  

Directions: Do each stretch for 30-45 seconds, or more if it feels good!  

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