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I’m so excited to share with you my Barre and Dance programs that I’ve created on

Below you’ll find a sample video for each of the 4 month-long plans. Try out the videos first to see which plan you like best. If you like all of them, you can purchase all plans at a discounted bundle price, which is at the bottom of this page (or click right here).

What’s awesome is that once your purchase the plans you can also download the smart phone app and watch them on your phone, or even through the Apple TV app – so you don’t have any excuses to not do your workouts 🙂 PLUS! The videos are yours to keep forever!!!

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This bundle holds all my secrets to a long and lean body! I’ve condensed my years of training into a comprehensive and effective package to tone, sculpt and strengthen your entire body!

It contains everything you need to incorporate Barre into your routine. You get both Barre Tone plans, which provide you with two different intensity levels so you can challenge yourself while having fun with a wide variety of ballet-inspired movements. My Precision Bare Toning series is a perfect supplement to my Barre Tone classes, or on days you simply want to hone in and spot treat one particular part of the body such as the thighs, glutes, arms or abs!

When I do my Barre workouts, it’s the best part of my day. I feel accomplished, rejuvenated, strong and confident in my body. I created these plans so you can also experience this in a fun and accessible way!

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Barre Bundle

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Barre Tone

Barre Tone 2

Precision Barre Toning

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This month-long plan will tone and sculpt your entire body with challenging ballet-inspired workouts. You’ll strengthen your arms, abs and legs with small, rhythmic movements all while having a lot of fun! No studio equipment required!

By holding, pulsing and stretching, we will elongate, lift and reshape multiple muscle groups including your thighs, seat, calves, arms and abs! In addition to building long, lean muscles, you’ll also increase endurance as well as improve your mind/body connection by bringing a newfound awareness to your fitness routine.

Over the course one month I will guide you through five 30-35 minute videos. Each class gets progressively harder, and as we revisit the workouts you will continue to build your strength, endurance and balance while challenging yourself and having a lot of fun!

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Sample Video from Barre Tone

“Core Rocking Holds for a Flat Stomach”


5 Videos

2 hrs 57 min

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This series takes my certifications in Barre and Pilates and combines them with full-body exercises and cardio sequences to chisel, sculpt and strengthen your body in ways you never have before! It goes way beyond “just” a workout – these six classes will connect with your body and help you feel great in your skin!

We will take the movements and concepts from my first Barre Tone, but will change up how we use the chair and hand weights to work new muscles and add a fresh challenge to target areas like behind the legs, back of the arms, abs and back! I’ve also pumped up the intensity by adding cardio bursts to some of the routines!

Doing these workouts is the best part of my day. I feel accomplished, connected, rejuvenated, and strong and confident in my body. I want you to feel this too!

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Sample Video from Barre Tone 2

“Intermediate at-home Barre Class”


6 Videos

3 hrs 34 min

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Precision Barre Toning is unlike any barre program you have seen, and you won’t find these moves in any class or studio! I often have clients that ask me “How do I get rid of this, how do I tone that, or how do I get stronger here…” and these are the moves I have found to be most effective for my clients and for me.

I’ve designed these 10 different ballet-inspired workouts to be intense and effective – in only fifteen minutes you will target, spot treat and strengthen your body, whether you want to work your thighs, glutes, abs, arms or calves! You might think that you need more than 15 minutes, but I promise you that this is all that you need to tone and sculpt your body and leave you feeling great in your own skin!

These exercises are perfect to add to your current fitness routine, or for when you just want to spot treat a particular area of your body. For those of you who don’t have 30 minutes or more to dedicate to longer sessions but still want to move and sweat, these will give you that quick but really challenging workout!

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Sample Video from Precision Barre Toning

“Booty Barre Butt Sculpt”


10 Videos

2 hrs 49 min

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This month-long cardio series uses playful dance-inspired workouts to increase your heart rate, burn calories, and work up a serious sweat! You’ll get fit and build endurance in a lively and dynamic way that uses your whole body – and NO dance experience is required!

I created four original sequences for this plan, and in each you will move continuously to tone and sculpt your entire body including your arms, thighs, abs, and bum! All of the classes are broken down step by step and repeated so you can learn the movements and get a great and successful workout.

My plan will bring improved balance, focus, flexibility and stamina into your fitness routine by exposing you to new movement and allowing you to experience dance in a way that’s fun, approachable, and effective!

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Sample Video from Dance Cardio

“Free Dance Workout” (20 min)


5 Videos

2 hrs 47 min

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