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Meet Helen

Helen’s co-workers noticed a dramatic improvement in her productivity, motivation, and eagerness to meet deadlines at work after incorporating the proven training method of Get Stretchy at Work.

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I really liked the morning routine. It worked me out more than I expected. The bicep curls with the pens were my favorite (and one of the tougher moves) for me.

These wrist rolls really emphasizes the tightness in my right hand!

I loved the videos. Especially the head to knee stretch and the seated mountain pose. Back is what I usually deal with during the day, so all the stretches that addressed that problem in particular were awesome. It was good to find a few minutes off during this busy day to unwind and relax.

Meet Morgan

Home-schools her 2 boys, uses Get Stretchy at Work as study breaks. Also finds confidence through the incredibly effective yet simple exercises!

I finally got started today and it was amazing! I love what you do because many of the movements are so different and I can do them throughout my day. They release things gently and subtly, and awaken my soul!
I had my philosophy exam today and with the amount of writing I did, my left hand was killing me after. I did the mid-morning stretches and my wrist feels better, my fingers still hurt a bit but I also feel much better all over my body. The energy I feel is like it’s healing whatever stiffness and pain I had. 🙂
I spend quite a chunk of time playing video games. I’ve noticed that I don’t ache like I did before in my wrists and all that while holding the controller. I’ve started using some of these stretches while I game and during spawn times or between levels and it’s been a huge impact on me and a huge difference in my body.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a full time student, and didn’t know that feeling better was even possible.

Watch her Get Stretchy at Work story now…

The twists today was exactly what my body was craving! 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to do the afternoon stretches.

Also loved the “reach for the keys” move in the first video, I’ll definitely do that move when I feel my neck starting to act up. I’m really loving the quality of the videos, the light and setting is beautiful… so soothing to watch! And can I get that office please? 🙂

Another reason I’m pretty in love with this program is that it is easy for anyone to do. I’m talking all flexibility skill levels and each move is an amazing little stretch. I can do everything and for a big girl that is pretty awesome.
Finished the first week and I’m hooked!!! I love, love, love this program!!! Right around the start of each term here at work, everything gets crazy hectic for me and I’m glad that I can set aside some time in those hectic days to destress and calm my center so I can tackle what the day brings! Thanks so much for this Jacquelyn Umof!!!! You have a gift and you are ROCKING IT!!!

My favorite pose of the program is Office Warrior!! Loved the stretch it gave my sides and back!!


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