#GOALS Worksheet Download

Jan 08

#GOALS Worksheet Download

Happy New Year!

Whether you got dressed up like you’re going to the Oscars, or stayed home and celebrated New Years at an earlier time zone so you could go to bed early (yep, that was me, haha), we are here now….2017

I love the exciting buzz of the New Year. The hope, the enthusiasm, the fresh slate – ALL of it!

The only problem is, it normally fizzes by March (whomp, whomp).

Writing everything down NOW will help you reinvigorate your same feelings for the rest of year! AND you can keep yourself accountable, and internalize the same feelings of enthusiasm.

In the worksheet I made you below, I included my Top 10 questions that will challenge your thinking, make you get down to what you really want (specificity is key!), and always keep “the why” at the center of it all.

Click the link below, download, print, write, and succeed all year long 🙂

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What I would love more than anything is to see a pic of you holding up your #goals! So snap and post a selfie and tag me! @actionjacquelyn

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xoxo, Jacquelyn



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