Wondering what the Get Upside Down Challenge is?

It’s a FREE 7-day video challenge to cultivate technique + strength + courage to get upside and do yoga inversion poses like headstands, forearm stands, and handstands. Join now!

Starts November 1st!

Here’s what you get…

✓ Daily emails with your challenge homework delivered straight to your inbox

✓ Daily online strengthening Yoga Videos

✓ Get Upside Down Daily Pose Guide

✓ Get Upside Down GOALS Worksheet

✓ Get Upside Down Daily Mantra Download

✓ Daily “Wake up with Action” LIVE Chats with Jacquelyn

✓ Opportunity to win some AMAZING prizes!


When you participant on Instagram, you have the opportunity to win AMAZING PRIZES! I will announce the prize pack on Instagram very soon!

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