Jul 06

Improve Back Flexibility: 2 stretches for a Yoga Backbend

Improve back flexibility - 2 Stretches for the Yoga Backbends

There are tricks to improve back flexibility, and I want to help you with your yoga backbends with these 2 stretches. 

Plus if you spend most of your sitting at your desk, hunched over your keyboard, then you MUST do this video tonight.

Note: You will need Yoga blocks for this video. If you do not have any, click here to purchase on Amazon. (affiliate link).

Directions: The most effective method to improving flexibility is by being consistent. Do this video 3-4x a week. 
Improve your back flexibility, and improve your backbends! I show you 2 tricks with the yoga blocks to help you improve your backbending. It might not be what you think, so watch the whole video!

Don’t get frustrated if it’s uncomfortable – just keep working at it!


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