Get Stretchy at Work Instagram Challenge!

Dec 28

Get Stretchy at Work Instagram Challenge!

Do you feel tired and sluggish at work?

Or suffering from back, neck, or wrist pain due to hunching over your computer?

If you answered yes… then you need to do the #GetStretchyatWork Office Yoga Challenge!

Join @ActionJacquelyn for 10 days of yoga that you can do in the office to relieve all your aches and pains.

In these next 10 days, you will see a difference in your outlook, in your mood, posture, motivation, and energy. Plus you might notice that those aches and pains creeping up in your low back, neck, and wrists begin to simmer down. Join the #GetStretchyAtWork Challenge, and can OM into your way through a stressful day 🙂 
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1. How does an Instagram challenge work?

For two weeks, Monday through Friday (with the weekend free!) you’ll work on stretching, and loosening up so that you’ll be happier, calmer, and more productive you 🙂

Every day of the 10 days, you are given a specific body part to stretch while at the office. We are encouraging you to do the stretch AT YOUR DESK/OFFICE, and take a pic, post, and tag it!

The Get Stretchy at Work Challenge comes with a challenge guide to show you ideas on poses you can do while in the office for the challenge. Each day we are featuring a new stretch on a different body part. If you have a different stretch you like to do that stretches that particular area of the body, then by all means, snap a photo of your stretch (so long as it’s focusing on the muscle for that day) and post away!

You’ll also be given a daily lifestyle challenge that will push you to be the best version of you in the office.

2. Can I invite friends?

Of course! The more the merrier 🙂 The best way to spread the news is:

  1. Repost the challenge image to your personal profile before January 9th (Click here to download the challenge image)
  2. Share this page with your friends. Copy and paste the URL and post it to your Facebook, and add it to your Instagram Bio

3. How does the hashtag work?

The hashtag is like a searching tool. At anytime, we can search for the hashtag #GetStretchyatWork on Instagram, and every single post that has the same hashtag will populate in the search (much like a google search online). If you do not use the hashtag, we will not see your post. Similarly, if your profile is set to private, we will not see your post and your entry will not be counted.

4. What else do I tag?

Please tag and follow the host and sponsor of the challenge. Quick tip: once you follow someone, and you type the first 3-4 letters of their instagram name, their profile should pop up and then you can quickly click on it and tag them.

Host: @ActionJacquelynSponsor: @GetStretchyatwork

 5. Does it cost anything to join?

The challenge is free. If you’re looking for a daily program, then keep scrolling down and learn more about Get Stretchy at Work online program.

Looking for more?

Enroll in the online program Get Stretchy at Work, and gain access to daily office yoga videos to help get rid of back, neck and wrist pain, while also increasing your productivity and energy naturally – all at the comfort of your desk!

Get Stretchy at Work