Vacation Workout: 30 Minute HIIT

Aug 13

Vacation Workout: 30 Minute HIIT

Vacations are good for the soul, but not always for the body – instead I want you to stay on track with this effective 30 Minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) Vacation Workout that can be done on a hotel treadmill, or outside. 

HIIT is more intense, but I love how quickly it gets my heart-rate pumping! I designed this workout for maximum fat-burning, and endurance conditioning. You will get in and out of the gym quickly, and back to your vacation faster. 

HIIT me with your best shot, and let’s do this!! 


New Workout- Vacation HIIT Workout

p.s. To modify, decrease the speed on the treadmill, and move through the workout proportionally to your base.

You can also replace one of the sprints for a walk to give yourself another break. 🙂 

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HIIT Workout

HIIT Workout

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