Jan 18

Yoga for Posture

Watch this video for a simple and easy solution to dramatically increase your posture and strengthen your postural muscles – without breaking a sweat!

Your posture muscles are just that – muscles! And they need to be stimulated and engaged in order to work.

A shortcut to getting them to work, is to by first put your body in the correct postural position, and then it forces the correct posture muscles to engage and turn on – giving you the strength you need to support good posture – without getting into the gym or a yoga studio! Tie this strap around you, and you’ll get those muscles working right away!

Pretty cool, right?!

1. Use a yoga strap that is 8ft or longer.
2. Wrap it around your body as shown in this video
3. Start by using the yoga strap in this way for 30 min a day while at your desk
4. If you do not feel soreness in your posture muscles after using it for 1-2 weeks for 30 min/day, then Increase the time to 1 hour each day
5. Keep increasing the time as desired

The goal would be to not wear the yoga strap anymore, and eventually you will train your muscles to correctly hold your frame. 

The yoga strap is always there for you though if you need to readjust or restrengthen your posture muscles. 

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