Booty Barre & HIIT Workout

May 07

Booty Barre & HIIT Workout

Who doesn’t love to workout on the beach?!

Ok girl – here’s the deal… If you get your heart rate up, in short intervals, over and over again throughout a 20 minute period, that’s more effective for fat burning than running yourself board for 60 minutes. And that’s exactly what a HIIT Workout does – which is why I love it so much!!!

In 20 minutes, you are going to be breathing as hard as if you just ran up Mount Everest. And this is REALLY GOOD for you – oh yea!

This workout consists of alternating between cardio bursts and my favorite Barre Booty exercises…. you’re welcome 🙂

In just 20 minutes you will build sweat, breath, tone, tighten, and smile!!

THE WORKOUT: 10 exercises, twice through

HOW TO USE THIS WORKOUT: This is a complete workout that can be done on it’s own.

EQUIPMENT: No equipment required!

Let’s get started 🙂


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