Core Power Yoga Abs

May 24

Core Power Yoga Abs

Welcome to your NEW favorite ab workout.

Your Core Power Yoga Workout uses only bodyweight and yoga techniques to help engage your lowest, deepest ab muscles. hooo-yeaaa!

In just 15 minutes you will build strength, sweat, tighten and tone!

This is also a perfect preparation for things like yoga inversions – which require A LOT of core strength!

Plus a strong core alleviates back pain and improves your posture! YAY!

THE WORKOUT: 3 rounds of 5 moves

  1. Lolasana
  2. Wrist Toe Taps
  3. Elbow Plank Twists
  4. Extended Plank Hold
  5. Navasana (boat pose)

I like doing a short core video like this before or after I go for a run. Or you can do this video on it’s own if you want to squeeze in a quick workout sesh. You are going to feel so energized and strong after just 15 minutes!

Check in with me @actionjacquelyn and use #yogabs. Can’t wait to see your glowing smile after you do this video!

Yoga blocks are optional

Let’s get started 🙂


Let’s make this official and download your printable movement guide by leaving your info right here (it’s free!)

Watch on YouTube here.

Check in with me! @actionjacquelyn #yogaabs

Follow up this routine with this Barre HIIT workout here. And then stretch it out with Splits30.

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You are going to feel amazing! Let’s do this!!