How to Transition to Warrior 1 from Downdog

Apr 24

How to Transition to Warrior 1 from Downdog

Sanksrit: Trikonasana

Day 6 of the #Splits30 Instagram Challenge is Warrior 1 

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How to do transition to Warrior 1, from Downward Dog; Step-by-step

  1. Start lengthening the sides of your body while in downdog.
  2. Pull knee to chest, and do this using your core muscles.
  3. Continue to push the floor away from you with your hands, and lengthen along the lats, and continue pulling the core in and knee towards chest.
  4. Carefully and slowly place the foot in between the hands, without shifting the hips or lifting your hands.
  5. Spin the back foot down so that it’s pointing around 45 degrees, and begin to lift the inner arch of the ankle, and firm up the thigh.
  6. Place hands on hip to make sure hips have not shifted. They should be square.
  7. Lengthen through the spine as you rise to standing.
  8. Continue to pull the tailbone down towards your heels, pull lower belly in, and firm back thigh.
  9. Square the back hip forward, and draw front thigh back into hip bone.
  10. Now you are in Warrior 1.
  11. If you choose to raise arms overhead, make sure your shoulders are externally rotated.
  12. Hold for 5-10 breathes.

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